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Helping Hand


Your soul has always been calling out. Will you finally listen?

When I was a young girl, I would go and play in our backyard. I would run through the forest and wildflowers pretending I was the princess on my unicorn coming to save the people from the evil villain. I would fall down, bruise and scrape my knee. I always got back up again because I believed anything was possible and I had a mission to save the world from destruction.

Slowly, as I got older, that brave and bold young girl faded. She became fearful, timid and conformed to society’s standards. She settled for a less-than version of herself to fit in. I slowly forgot who I was and who I wanted to be.

As children when we fall, we get back up. As adults, we are afraid to even take the first step sometimes.

The beliefs about who you are create reality. If your beliefs are not true, you will see a distorted world. We all have to realize we are going to fall down. It’s about accepting that we are still worthy of love even when we make mistakes.

It’s how we speak to ourselves when we fall down that will determine how we get back up again.

This is why I created The Soul-Talk Method.

The voice of your soul has its own unique sound.

It’s about becoming who you are already are. There’s a voice that needs to be fully expressed and unleashed.

It’s time for your soul to be seen and heard. It’s time to step into authenticity.

When someone learns soul-talk, they become who they already are by:

  1. Learning who you are.

  2. Loving who you are.

  3. Living who you are.

YOU were created to bring something to this world that has never been seen yet.

An idea, an art, a different perspective - something new. 

The aching, nudging and persistence you feel on the inside...

It’s there for a reason. 

Your purpose won’t look like someone else’s - but it’s not supposed to. 

You belong. 

Just as you are, continuing to understand more of who you are. 

Your voice matters. 

Your soul has always been calling out.  

Will you listen?


I encourage you to celebrate yourself today. Wherever you are because you are right on time. Remember that your life has purpose because it’s inside you and you carry it with you as you grow. Find what makes you vibrant for life and take that first step into the unknown speaking to yourself as if your body is your most precious gift.

Today, because I adopted this practice into my personal life, I see more beauty in the world. I see more colour, more opportunities, more music and I believe anything is possible.

As adults, we are allowed to be playful, to dance, to ask questions, to use our imagination and to stand in complete awe of our Creator. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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