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"Sarah has such an uplifting way of coaching and a unique ability to recharge ones motivation and offer valuable guidance. It was amazing to spend time with her and discover things about myself that I didn't know before."

Keira Davis

"Sarah is spectacularly good at what she does. That is, highly effective, on target, empathetic, and staying human all at the same time. I sense her approach to firm boundaries and a sense that if I were to slack off, she wouldn't hesitate to course-correct me, but to do so gently. Most coaches manage a few of these, not all at once, so mad props to her!"

Jody Hammens

"It was comforting to be informed that my way of thinking wasn't abnormal or odd. I could tell Sarah knew her stuff, and even though I was giving her a messed up ball of yarn, she took those threads and helped me turn them into something! It felt really great!"

Mia Lee

I have a healthier relationship with my partner because I've put myself first. Sarah's coaching is worth more than double what I paid for."

Skyler Adelson

I watched one of Sarah's Workshops and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Her teachings, tools and the way she connected with me was life changing. Now working 1:1 with her, I'm learning how to put myself first and making concrete changes in my life.

Lisa T

Before working with Sarah, I was going through a lot in my life. I was very confused. Sarah guided me to understand who I am, loving and caring for myself and to regulate my emotions. I learned how to release stress and anxiety to have more clarity on how to make decisions for my life.

Ahmed C


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